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Evergreen Extracts Oils are the finest connoisseur blends on the market.  See here what varieties we offer and more in depth descriptions. 

The future of cannabis oils

At Evergreen Extracts we care about making the highest quality oils for your consumption.  We produce our oils with the safest and healthiest CO2 extraction method which also allows us to retain so many of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, which are otherwise stripped away with other chemical solvent extraction methods. Therefore Evergreen Extracts finished product, sourced from the finest materials, is a raw connoisseur quality oil, made meticulously by our passionate engineering team.

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Our Products

Because of our unique sub-critical CO2 extractions we are able to retain the highest natural levels of cannabinoids and terpenes for your benefit. Why should this be important to you? 

Find out why our unique sub-critical CO2 extraction process creates the best quality and safest concentrate that you can buy. 

Cannabinoid/Terpene Benefits

Why CO2? 

 Our New Real Fruit Infused

Mixed Berry Line of Oils