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The Secret is in the Science

Evergreen Extracts has been a pioneer in cannabis extraction science since 2013, beginning in Washington State medical cannabis.   Since those early beginnings, we’ve won two Dope Cups for best THC concentrate.  Today, in the Washington State 502 recreational cannabis market, we continue our emphasis on staying at the razor’s edge of extraction science.

Our concentrates are crafted by our cannabis scientists using advanced laboratory methods developed over numerous years and in consultation with some of the world’s foremost extraction experts.  Through these years of experience and experimentation, we’ve developed a proprietary process for extracting a high potency and great-tasting concentrate, certain to delight even the most discerning connoisseur.

The recreational cannabis market is flooded with new cannabis concentrates, which has been great for the recognition of extracts in general among new customers, but bad for the overall quality of concentrates in the marketplace.  Retail stores are full of cheap extracts made by inexperienced companies using sub-par extraction methods and equipment.


Not All Concentrates Are Created Equal!

A Superior Product

Inferior quality concentrates are bad tasting, harsh, and unhealthy.  Concentrates like this are full of unwanted substances like fats, waxes, lipids, pesticides, and even chemical solvents.  Most of these sub-par extractions are only 60-70% total cannabinoids.  That means the other 30-40% of material in these concentrates is unwanted, unhealthy, and often carcinogenic substances.  Who wants to dab that?

THC oil distillation equpment

How We Use Science to Create

a Pure Cannabis Concentrate

Evergreen Extracts does natural extractions using only organic cane alcohol as a cannabis solvent to create full spectrum essential oil, a method pioneered by renowned cannabis activist Rick Simpson.  Our extractions are 100% free of chemicals like BHO and PHO.

Next, our experts use fractional distillation to molecularly isolate and separate the cannabinoid compounds from the essential oil extract.  While most distillate processors stop their process at this point, our experts do further fractional distillation to isolate the cannabis compounds even more precisely.  This level of precision is necessary to create our high quality pure distillate oil with potencies reaching as high as 99% total cannabinoids.

Evergreen Extracts has spent years sourcing the best naturally derived organic cannabis terpenes and naturally derived organic fruit terpenes.  Combined with our clear distillate, the result is a pure, potent, and perfectly balanced combination of cannabinoids and naturally derived terpenes for a premium taste and smoking experience.

Photo of clear THC oil on a glass dabbing rod}

The first thing cannabis lovers notice about Evergreen Extracts’ distillate is its clarity.  The color is a beautiful iridescent gold.   We achieve this level of clarity through advanced extraction techniques which carefully remove residual fats, waxes, and other non-desirable plant materials and chemicals; leaving behind only the essential cannabinoids.

After years of R&D, proprietary developments, and investment in the best extraction equipment in the market, we’ve developed cutting-edge techniques to extract a consistently clear, potent, and great tasting product with total cannabinoids consistently topping 95% to as high as 99%.

The 3 C’s of THC Distillate Oil:
Clarity, Consistency, and Cannabinoids

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